Monday, February 27, 2012

And so it is Monday...a beautiful one at that ...

The way the sun is shining today you would never guess we were blasted with snow on Saturday morning! What a day to put a big smile on your face and rejoice!!!!!

Our wheels are turning and we are brainstorming and working on fun and great ways for you to incorporate and use all the wonderful things in our shop for your home and all your needs..... On Saturday we decided that we are going to feature different products of the shop weekly or daily on our social network! We will post pictures of flower arrangements, ways to wear our jewelry, handbags, and other accessories, lamps, pictures, you get the idea? We thought to ourselves; what better way to inspire you to decorate your home, or yourself, than showing you OUR ideas of how to do some thing. Some times it takes seeing how someone else may arrange those flowers or use that vase to do something in our own homes..If YOU have any questions or ideas about something please share them with us... So, keep watch (check Facebook, Twitter, your emails..) for what's to come : ) .... Have a fabulous day! Oxo ...

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