Friday, February 24, 2012

New Year, New Things!!!!!

Well, I am a little late getting this post done… but, here it is, a new year…2012… and we are starting our 13th year in Mifflintown!!! Every year, we start out with great anticipation…very excited about all things NEW! Well, I can honestly say 2012 IS, and will be, a very exciting year at Two Sisters.

For starters, Paula will be working fewer days at the shop…as some of you may know, Paula is very passionate about photography and FINALLY has decided to devote more of her time to that passion (Praise the Lord, we have been telling her to do this for awhile now…she's extremely talented ;) ..) She is currently working with a professional photographer and is booked to be the main photographer at 4 weddings already for this year. She is also planning on doing more children, maternity, family and senior shoots. She was blessed with her 3rd grandboy this year and has a daughter that lives in MA (and a deployed son-in-law) so she definitely has plans of spending time with them. With her absence, Two Sisters has some new wonderful faces added to their team! Jeannie Leach and Lisa Sneath are now with us part time, as well as Brenda Wagner, who has been with us for the past couple of years! Along with Paula's daughter, Dara (that's me :), who is in charge of taking care of the social networking aspects of the business (Facebook, Blogging, Pinterest, Twitter, etc). God has blessed us with wonderful people to help us and serve you! You may be seeing more of Sue Hackenberger, too, because she will be helping to fill in more with Paula's absence. Sue has been with us from day one… and she is truly one of the BEST!!!!!!!

Now, for the shop… I am not sure where to begin… as Betsy says, "EVERYTHING is new..!" Well, everythins isn't new, but there are many, MANY new things at the shop. Now, where to begin…Let's start with SPRING!!! Oh lovely, much anticipated Spring!… Flowers, greenery, topiaries, butterflies, bunnies, birds, eggs, nests, wreaths, Easter decor, and spring scented candles. For your HOME…fabulous prints, clocks, nautical items (a new hit for the upcoming seasons), colorful pottery, table linens, GREAT cookbooks (Yes, they are great! We have already tried recipes out of them :) …and more. For YOU….Kameleon and Chamilia Jewelry, Seasons Jewelry (including PENN STATE items), Halle Joy Purses and Jewelry, lots of colorful scarves (brights and pastels, also big for the upcoming season!), Bella Taylor Purses, Naked Bee Lotion (NEW SCENT…Pomegranate Honey), Silver Spoon Jewelry (one of my new favs) and ARRIVING SOON, OKA Sandals, new watches and a personalized line, HeartStrings (another great favorite!)

As many of you already know, we are having a HUGE Yankee Candle Sale. We are cutting our Yankee Candle inventory in half to make room for a wonderful new line of candles (which we have now!), Milkhouse Creamery! And they are just fabulous. I have 2 I am burning at my home now, Citrus Lavendar and Honeysuckle Pear… OH MY! I LOVE them!! They are a soy candle infused with pure beeswax…this makes them cleaner, healthier, and PERFECT for those with allergies and environmental sensitivities! Paula and Betsy were given a sample to try at home and we can honestly say, one small candle filled Paula's home with a fabulous fragrance!!!!

Halle Joy….Paula likes to say, is a "spiritual" line….heart and cross motifs are incorporated into the jewelry pieces of bracelets, necklaces and earrings as well as the beautiful crafted purses! All of the items are gorgeous and make a subtle statement about each of its owners!

(again, one of my many, many, new favorites) -- The Silver Spoon Jewelry…I have always had a love for this kind of jewelry, and this line is superb! The artist that creates these uique pieces, purchases antique silver spoons and uses them to make molds. She then integrates the spoon designs into her stunningly crafted necklaces, rings, brooches and earrings, which include, butterfly, bird, frog, owl (the one I love!!!), fish (also very cool!) and lots of heart designs! Paula has the butterfly necklace and she just loves it! She wears it a lot! She can wear it all day she states and forgets she even has it on. Most larger pieces of jewelry she takes off as soon as she gets home…she went to bed the other night and forgot to take it off! It's a great light weight line of jewelry…bold, but not big and bulky….

So come on out and check out the shop!!!!!!!!

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