Monday, March 26, 2012

For Your Outdoor Spaces & Places...

The Whispering Bell … "The Whispering Bell Story…. Each Whispering Bell comes with the wish that, when you hear the bell rings, you will be reminded of the beauty around you, in the hearts and sould of all your family and friends. It is also said that every time a bell rings, a new angel is given a pair of beautiful wings!"
I just love these bells!!! There are several to choose from, varying on 'your story'….
The Bell of Peace & Grace
The Bell of Blossom
The Bell of Home
The Bell of Faith Hope & Wisdom
The Bell of New Beginnings
The Bell of Family
The Bell of Warmth & Hope
The Bell of Joy
You can also purchase (for $8, an additional 'String of Charms' which are interchangeable on the bells… We have Anniversary, Best Wishes, Believe, Remembering You…charms
What a great gift for yourself, a friend going through a trying time or a joyous time (new baby, wedding, etc) or a 'just because I love you…' gift : )
We have some AWESOME new lanterns, in a variety of sizes!!! They would look fabulous inside your home or at your 'outdoor space' (a porch, patio, sunroom..)
We have a few of these left around… a resin 'Pineapple' …
Check out these fun little bird houses… for decorative purposes mostly, we would suggest… They would look so cute in many places!!! Inside or outside (where they would be protected from saturating rain and gusty wind...)

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