Saturday, March 31, 2012

Here Comes Peter Cottontail ...

Easter is approaching quickly… One week away already! How is that possible? Didn't we just do Christmas? As my husband would say, "We say this every year! How fast the time flies…!" I think this extremely, early, warm weather has a lot to do with it this year. Spring sprung a few months ago at the shop.. but we still have lots of items for you and your home…. I was thinking about what to blog and thought I would post things for your home…. We have fabulous decor to add to your Spring for Easter…great candles and flower arrangements… they'd serve as great centerpieces on your Easter dinner table…I also thought I'd post some ideas for Easter basket fillers! We have great things for all ages… Chamilia charms, Jewel Pops (from Kameleon), lots of other bracelets, necklaces, and rings… We now carry some plush animals; puppies, farm animals, and adorable little (and large) owls! Oh my, we also have slippers! (great for kids), Flip Flops and Ballet Flats (for the older group)… So come in and see us and get your Easter goodies!!!!!
Daffodils…. just one of the many pretty flowers we have..
Easter vine / twig.. Little black and white bunnies..
Red Tulips!!!
Adorable little bunnies… You could set out for decoration or stick in a little ones basket!
Another great larger bunny..
Awesome lantern!!!!! Love the tulips setting in it… however, you could put a variety of things in there… nest & eggs, candle, ..options are endless! I think this would look great in your home some where, or even on your sunroom or closed in porch...
more of the great tulips and a cute bunny..

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