Monday, February 11, 2013

A Rainy Monday

Hello, all!!!! We hope you had a wonderful weekend. We were so fortunate to not have been hit with the snow that the Northeast was! Paula's daughter and family in Cape Cod experienced LOTS of snow and blizzard conditions!
Just a little reminder about our jewerly sale. It continues today and lasts through Thursday, Feb. 14... Be sure to stop by and do your Valentine's Day shopping with us. We have LOTS of items that would be great for gifts that aren't jewelry; if jewelry is not your thing.

We have some new scents in our Milkhouse Creamery candles. I think some new ones are:
Butter Toffee, Chocolate Truffle, French Thyme, Citrus & Lavendar, Water Lily, Rootbeer Float, Lemon Grass Tea (LOVE!), and I am unsure of these last 2, so maybe they aren't new if you are reading this and thinking, 'I bought those before'...but, Carrot Spice Cake and Vanilla Cafe Mocha.
Have a great day, ox!

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