Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Hoppy Reminder ;-)

Today at opening time begins our Easter Egg hunt in our lower level, for you, our special customers :) In each egg there has been placed a special discount or other wonderful prize to reward you! (Limit one per customer).

Also, enjoy 30% off select Easter decor (bunnies and chicks). This sale will run through the weekend during store hours!!!

A few other things: we know have the EmiJay headbands... I only got to wear mine a few hours last evening, so I am hoping to sport one today to give you a full review on them. I think I will love them just as much as I love my hair ties! They seem they are just as gentle on the hair, yet remain in place. We have them in the wide style and a smaller band width (which are adorable doubled up by colors or print and a color!) 'A' was being such a good sport yesterday when we stopped by and (Aunt) Betsy tried one out on his little noggin'... If only he were a little girl ;) Poor boy... always gets a tease and gives us quite the laugh!

Just in yesterday were more of our newest handbag line we are in LOVE with! Shiraleah! A bag or two is back in stock, some in new colors, and some fab new styles!!! I adore mine and started using it immediately! I headed out for a spray tan (which has turned out wonderful from Tina at VIBE Salon in Lewistown **had to give a little shout out**) yesterday with a bikini stashed inside it... The bag fits so much, yet isn't TOO big and my items don't feel 'lost' .. I will share a photo of mine and Paula's new adorable striped tote and her matching wristlet! Forgive the quality, I am taking the photos from my Instagram account.. but you will get the idea ;)

Gosh, I am trying to think of some other things to cover quickly and my mind is going blank... I'm fighting allergies or a cold and it had me tossing and turning all night and looking at the clock at 4a.m. !!!

My best advice, stop in and check everything out! We have great Easter Basket fillers articularly for the ladies!) Charms, Jewel Pops, other jewelry, drink mixes (Hot and Cold), EmiJay hairties and headbands *perfect for in the basket*....

New items and of course things are always changing... :)

Hope to see you soon! Happy Thursday, friends! Ox

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