Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring in a bag!

How do we manage to have days like this; the sun is shining, I can hear geese flying over and birds chirping as I type, the ground is thawing... and yet, we have a snow storm knocking at our door only several hours from now?!!? It's pure craziness! I am so ready to get my nice polished finger nails dirty!!! (Okay, I'll admit it, I usually wear gloves ☺). There are still dried up limelight hydrangeas blowing around and I am ready for FULL BLOOMS!!! Whites, greens, shades of pink.... insert long sigh.

It most certainly looks like it should be warm outside when you are spending time inside my house. Winter is packed away for me! Next on my list is bulky winter clothes...however, I'll hold off a few more weeks!

Which brings me to my feature today! Spring Bags! ....if we can't change our wardrobes yet, switch out the bag for a fresh look. Color is always in!!! ... We are now carrying beautiful, vegan leather handbags! We are officially in love with this line, Shiraleah. Amazing colors and textures! We are hoping you all love it as much!

We also have new patterns and colors in our Bella Taylor collection! (Along with a new display piece!!! Which really showcases these bags) We are in love with these newbies as well. I bought the backpack and its adorable :)

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