Friday, July 19, 2013

An evening at our local winery...

    Happy Friday, y'all!!! My Friday morning is starting out in the waiting room of the Endoscopy Center in Lewistown (waiting on the husband). So, while I wait, ... I blog :)

    Have any of you attended the Juniata Valley Winery on a Friday night when they have live music? Chad and I went last weekend and it rained, we were sure to get a rain check and have plans of attending in August! It was a fun evening (while it lasted). 
    Which brings me to my little goodies today! First up are these awesome wine stoppers we recently got in. They are so cute and would be perfect to take along to an evening at the winery (they offer glasses of wine, as well as bottles while you are there-- hence wanting this cute, little, stopper :). 

How cute?

We also have the Corkcicle... Which is ideal for these hot summer days & nights. I think I will add one of those to my basket for the next trip. 

    A few other goodies that would be perfect to take along is some towels and maybe a trivet (depending on the food you may take). Some groups had quite the set up of a little picnic going on. We learned our lesson and will be taking along snacks the next time. 

So, looking for something to do on a Friday evening this summer (something to do even tonight, yet!?) Be sure to check out the winery. Here in the link to their site ..    They have listed their events on there. A fun, family-friendly, place! (And yummy vino to boot ;) 

(two photos from our evening at the winery last weekend...)

Have a fabulous weekend.... Stay cool!!!!


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