Monday, August 5, 2013

Something for the man in your life...and a few other gadgets

After all this hot weather we have had .. it is finally cooling least in the evenings... and lets be honest, it's not too shabby during the day! We've been camping since Thursday and have been able to enjoy a few good brews! Summer Shandy is my favorite this summer!!! and it is BEST when it is very cold... This little gadget will help do the trick and 'keep it cool to the last sip'...

Introducing the 'Chillsner'

Now, lets be honest again, I am not a man, but I, personally, would find this useful for myself! We loved the CORKCICLE, so the Chillsner has not disappointed us :) 

We also have a few other neat wine toppers!

You can find these in the 'Redneck Ware' section in the front window of the shop..

Hope you all have a great Monday! and we hope to see you soon ;) 

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