Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ready or Not

We know some people are not ready to see Christmas… or even think about Christmas, however, it is that time for us to break it out here in the shop!!!! The day we started re-opening the Christmas boxes was like Christmas morning in here for all of us….. We are so excited (as usual) about all the wonderful Christmas decor, gifts, and items we have this year!!!!!!!!! 
In this photo above, is featured the Luminara candles…. which we are, obsessed with!!!!!! It looks like a real flame…and it is battery operated, with a timer… as I was telling all my friends about these candles, I was quickly disappointed to hear they already knew all about them! So, if you haven't seen them in person or know anything about them… stop by and check them out… 

I am sure we had this same particular feeling las year, but, I must say, I think things are even better this year :) From glitter and glitz, to white, vintage, and traditional decor…. there is really something for all tastes!

Yes, Owls are still hot… and we have 'hot' ones for the holidays! Furry ones, feathery ones, and adorable chenille owls, and beautiful mercury glass ones (all different colors and silver)… they are way too cute!

There are bright, fun, colorful snowmen… that twinkle, and sparkle, and light up… something the kiddos will love.. I might have to have one for our little boy this Christmas ;)

Probably one of my favorites out of all our collections this year is the blues (turquoises, greens) with the white… it is just beautiful!!!!  
Join us in the Christmas spirit!!!! Stop by…. Remember, we have our Holiday Open House coming up next weekend!!!!!!! November 8th through the 10th!!!!!!! Hope to see you soon

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


We have some wonderful events coming up at the shop! I am way behind in blogging!! I guess you could say I am having too much fun :)... Is there such a thing??? So, LAST weekend was Kameleon event. Thanks to all who came out!

Next weekend, starting Thursday, October 11th going through to Saturday, October 13th will be the Chamilia Event! With the purchase of 3 charms you can receive a FREE bracelet OR a $35.00 charm. See shop for details!!!

HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE... Yes, that's right, it is creeping up on us again. The open house will be held from Thursday, November 8th through Saturday, November 10th. Due to popular demand we have moved it back one week this year!

Friday, November 23rd - Saturday, November 24th is the Old World Christmas Ornament Sale!

Candlelight Shopping is Friday, December 7th. Details to be announced later.

So get out your calendars and mark them bright! We look forward to seeing you :)

As for now!-- we have some fantastic Halloween decor!!!!! See you soon! Ox.

Monday, August 13, 2012

It's Arriving….Fall

I, unlike most of the ladies in here at the shop, am not ready for fall…however, we are getting ready here! Leaves have erupted, along with sunflowers, 'fall weeds' (as Sue would say) and lots of other fall decor. 

We have these gorgeous black and white pumpkins, …. still awaiting the arrival of our other pumpkins.

Hoot…Hoot…Hoot…. Owls are still so popular! We have some really great ones..

(I spy another owl…) 

A shot of a new owl pillow and throw...

This table may look different! Summer is now in the basement with 40% off markings!!!!!

a glimpse into the basement and sale area...

stock up and save for next summer..

Monday, August 6, 2012

Wow, where did Summer go????

Well, it has been a LONG time since I have blogged...I almost forgot what I was doing or how to do it! Haha! We have been so busy this summer with so many other things... I got away from posting. First things first, right now the SUMMER SALE is going on! 25% off all summer items/decor... for those of you asking when the sale lasts till, it is going to go on for several weeks. Fall is creeping up quickly, so until it is time for that decor, the sale must go on :)
 A few shots of some sale items....
A few other things on sale are all the FLIP FLOPS and SUMMER SHOES! (ballet flats in blue, pink, and guava...) When you purchase a pair of shoes you can get a fun, lightweight belt for 50% off (that makes the belt $10! you can't beat that!)

Now, for some NEW things, of course... and this is just a tiny fraction and peek :)
 Fun new 'chicken wire' looking pieces!
 Lovin' this burlap owl pillow....
aaaaand... you guessed it...some NEW BAGS!

and one more thing...a NOTICE TO GIFT CARD HOLDERS: We are changing our credit card merchant processing company. SO, if you are holding a gift card that is on a PLASTIC YELLOW CREDIT CARD that is scanned, you MUST use this by September 30th! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day!!!!

Mother's Day is literally right around the corner…. Stop in the shop and shop for mom! We have so many great gifts to choose from…. These are just a VERY FEW of the things we have to choose from!

Beautiful flowers… what a great bouquet this would make… and lasts forever ;)

I am just in love with these little 'jewelry boxes!' … However, you could store whatever you want in them…. 3 drawers… 

Snoozies! For Summer! They are so comfy… I have a pair from the winter collection… now I want a pair of these… little ballet like slippers… 

Hydrangea wreath… Gorgeous colors!

Or a new belt??!?? Fun, Fashionable, and super lightweight!!!!!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Yard Sale & Cupcakes for Cancer

It's time for our Spring Yard Sale! 
on Saturday, May 5, 2012.  

We will be setting up and ready to go at daylight, 7 a.m. … and packing things up at 1 p.m. ..
As always, a variety of things for sale…. a LARGE selection of fashionable quality clothing and accessories…purses, shoes, jewelry; home and seasonal decor..including a small refrigerator, small TV, cotton braided rugs (1-5x8, 2-3x5), kitchen items, primitive home decor including crocks, redware, iron items, wooden accessory pieces… You never know what you may find! Also, the sale area is a BIG 60% off original proce..
..(CASH OR CHECK only for these sales)..

Also, bring along some extra cash to buy some Cupcakes for Cancer! OR even if you aren't into yard sales, stop by for some cupcakes! Peanut Butter Cup, Cream Cheese Filled, Pina Colada, ShooFly, and Sugar Cookie, ..just to name a few… 
Proceeds will go to Relay for Life… 
Looking forward to seeing you!

She Sells Seashells, By the Seashore...

 Great pieces with versatility …. Whether you are lucky enough to have a vacation home or want to coordinate some pieces in your home somewhere! we have some fun, fresh, 'beachy' things to decorate with!
 Napkin rings...
 I love the looks of seashells in a glass jar...

 Votive Holder inside.
 And some cozy new throws and pillows to add!

 3 styles and various colors….


All You Need is LOVE <3 

' Phosphor. Time Reinvented. '

 We just love these watches! {I know, I know… 'we love' everything!} This company reflects in their watches the way technology has just 'boomed' in our lives and even 'enhanced' our lives on a daily basis…. These watch have the 'latest cutting edge technologies'… they have taken traditional fashion timepieces and redesigned it for the new generation!
 The pink and red watches then have color coordinating numbers! The watches are 'driven by proprietary Micro-Magnetic Mechanical Digital (M3D) technology. Appear watches utilize miniature-sized rotors adorned with Swarovski crystals that revolve to reveal numerical or chronological information." …. So, every time the time changes (each passing minute), an electrical pulse generates an electromagnetic field that changes the position of the crystals on the face of the watch, producing a very, fun, unique sound!!!!!! I told you it was 'technological'!!!
 White Leather Gloss band… 
Red Leather Gloss band…with red numbers..
What a great gift for graduation, birthday, etc…. We are going to be ordering a few mens watches to have in the shop! They are awesome as well… Thinking Father's Day for my husband…Shhhhh : )

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