Wednesday, May 20, 2015

In Honor of our Vets

A time for remembrance,
a time for honor,
a time for celebration,
a time for family,
a time for patriotism,
a time for thanksgiving,
a time for salutes,
a time for tears,
a time for smiles,
a time for reflection,
a time for those who gave...
in honor of all those who served and are serving
our country...WE SALUTE YOU!!!
Alex and Ani Armed Forces Bangles
 $5 off through May

We have an assortment of yard flags especially
for a show of patriotism....

...and patriotic yard stakes and stars.

Melamine patriotic trays that are perfect for
your Memorial Day picnic.

What a statement to do your Memorial Day picnic
table in vintage inspired enamelware.

Summer Daisy Wreath
on your door or as your table centerpiece.
Perfect surround for the enamelware drink dispenser!

Light up your patio to keep the festivities
going into the wee hours!!!

Star adorned Mona B recycled purses. 

Just a taste of what your table could look like
for Memorial Day.


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