Saturday, March 31, 2012

Here Comes Peter Cottontail ...

Easter is approaching quickly… One week away already! How is that possible? Didn't we just do Christmas? As my husband would say, "We say this every year! How fast the time flies…!" I think this extremely, early, warm weather has a lot to do with it this year. Spring sprung a few months ago at the shop.. but we still have lots of items for you and your home…. I was thinking about what to blog and thought I would post things for your home…. We have fabulous decor to add to your Spring for Easter…great candles and flower arrangements… they'd serve as great centerpieces on your Easter dinner table…I also thought I'd post some ideas for Easter basket fillers! We have great things for all ages… Chamilia charms, Jewel Pops (from Kameleon), lots of other bracelets, necklaces, and rings… We now carry some plush animals; puppies, farm animals, and adorable little (and large) owls! Oh my, we also have slippers! (great for kids), Flip Flops and Ballet Flats (for the older group)… So come in and see us and get your Easter goodies!!!!!
Daffodils…. just one of the many pretty flowers we have..
Easter vine / twig.. Little black and white bunnies..
Red Tulips!!!
Adorable little bunnies… You could set out for decoration or stick in a little ones basket!
Another great larger bunny..
Awesome lantern!!!!! Love the tulips setting in it… however, you could put a variety of things in there… nest & eggs, candle, ..options are endless! I think this would look great in your home some where, or even on your sunroom or closed in porch...
more of the great tulips and a cute bunny..

Monday, March 26, 2012

Oka b. & Organic Tee's ….

LA LA LA LOVEEEE This Peacock Shirt… unfortunately, we only have it in Mediums & Larges
Oh, so, true! Farm Girl at Heart <3
Beautiful Place..
We have restocked the ballet flats and have added 2 new colors and styles!!
We also have great, comfy flip flops!
One of the other wonderful things about Oka b. … they are Made in the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New style and color >>>> Fuchsia !!!!!
Also in black!!!… Also wearing a NEW Kameleon POP, Yellow Daisy… and a bracelet featuring NEW Chamilia Charms….and a great watch in Tomato Red...

For Your Outdoor Spaces & Places...

The Whispering Bell … "The Whispering Bell Story…. Each Whispering Bell comes with the wish that, when you hear the bell rings, you will be reminded of the beauty around you, in the hearts and sould of all your family and friends. It is also said that every time a bell rings, a new angel is given a pair of beautiful wings!"
I just love these bells!!! There are several to choose from, varying on 'your story'….
The Bell of Peace & Grace
The Bell of Blossom
The Bell of Home
The Bell of Faith Hope & Wisdom
The Bell of New Beginnings
The Bell of Family
The Bell of Warmth & Hope
The Bell of Joy
You can also purchase (for $8, an additional 'String of Charms' which are interchangeable on the bells… We have Anniversary, Best Wishes, Believe, Remembering You…charms
What a great gift for yourself, a friend going through a trying time or a joyous time (new baby, wedding, etc) or a 'just because I love you…' gift : )
We have some AWESOME new lanterns, in a variety of sizes!!! They would look fabulous inside your home or at your 'outdoor space' (a porch, patio, sunroom..)
We have a few of these left around… a resin 'Pineapple' …
Check out these fun little bird houses… for decorative purposes mostly, we would suggest… They would look so cute in many places!!! Inside or outside (where they would be protected from saturating rain and gusty wind...)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's Cookout BBQin' Weather!!!

We have some great pieces to help you throw the perfect picnic or patio party!! Awesome beverage dispensers, 'bubble' glassware, dip and drink mixes! (that, may I add, are delic). Who doesn't love to have a get together in weather like this????!!?? Stop by and get your goodies and get outside and enjoy some good food, drinks, and company : )

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Looking for something new to freshen up your home? We have received some gorgeous lamps and lamp shades!!! Very light…and bright ;) .. One of my favorites is this on with the mirror and the 2 little birds… This would be a great addition to my future sunroom….
and those hydrangea balls I ADORE….
YELLOW, YELLOW, and more YELLOW! These pieces of pottery come in a variety of colors (white, green, turqoise…) and they are so cool. They look fabulous alone or you could spice them up with a single flower or bouquet of flowers..
and arriving in a TIMELY manner… these unique clocks! As Betsy says, "A look of their own,"
We carry alarm clocks (the hands glow in the dark)… Jeannie says, 'that alarm will be sure to wake you up..' Ha!Ha! I love the chrome one! Very retro chic!!!

Another shot of the yellow…great mirror, lamps and shades
How perfect would he be in your sunroom, screened in porch,
or bathroom? (by the 'Garden Tub') ???

Monday, March 12, 2012

Just another manic, beautiful, Monday...

We hope everyone had a great weekend!! The shop was hopping Saturday with lots of shoppers... a sight we always like to see!
Thinking about what to feature this week; pictures and posts to follow!!!! : ) have a fab day!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Extraordinary…for you & your home sweet home..

We have new scarves in!!! They are super super soft and great colors for spring… a nice accent to all the brights that are popular for this season! Also, NEW, and fun!, SLAP watches! If you are someone who isn't comfortable to do a big bold piece or accessory in a bright color, pick something like a watch…. we have big and small watches…unfortunately, they are not water proof … but they are a lot of fun!
Great new prints for inside your home… a way to add bright colors :)
and we just love these 'Gazing Balls' … Paula has one in her garden and she just adores it… they are so beautiful! The glass ball and stands are sold seperately…
Oh my, I just can't wait for warm weather to be here peramanently.. I think I will have to purchase one of these for myself once I am able to work on my gardens and figure out where the best place for one to stand would be!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

BRIGHTS for Spring and Summer

Once again, we are excited to show to you some new things we've received at the shop. Our OKA b line of footwear…'a shoe that loves you back..' and they are AMERICAN MADE! What could be better??? They are an easy shoe to take care of and eco-friendly! We have several styles of flip flops… and they even have a Wedding Line… perfect for the bride who loves flip flops or comfy flats… or even for your bridesmaids to wear at the reception!
We just placed an order for the ballet flats… they will be coming soon...
In the mean time… come see the flip flop collection we have in store! : )

Monday, March 5, 2012


We have received the samples of our HeartStrings collection (jewelry) at the shop today!!!! Come check it out. It's a personalized line of jewelry. Great Mother's Day gift!!!!! It is really awesome jewelry. Lots of options and a variety of looks to choose from. Pictures to come soon!!! Have a fabulous day... Oxo

Friday, March 2, 2012


In the shop we have great things for Spring & Easter to decorate your homes….
How about this adorable little bunny??
…and this great 'nest basket' with eggs!!!?!!
Right now we have these fabulous 'Cracked Eggs!' They have a little bit of glitter on them and come in a variety of shapes and colors. The large one comes in turqoise; the medium come in turqoise, yellow, and purple; the small ones come in purple and yellow. They are a great way to throw in some decorations for spring and Easter!!

We also have just received a new shipment of some GREAT wreaths!
Pinks, Yellows, Oranges….
Great Hydrangea wreath….
Purples, Pinks, Light Blue & Violet…

Come in and see us this weekend…Our 'unique boutique for you and your home….'


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