Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Hoppy Reminder ;-)

Today at opening time begins our Easter Egg hunt in our lower level, for you, our special customers :) In each egg there has been placed a special discount or other wonderful prize to reward you! (Limit one per customer).

Also, enjoy 30% off select Easter decor (bunnies and chicks). This sale will run through the weekend during store hours!!!

A few other things: we know have the EmiJay headbands... I only got to wear mine a few hours last evening, so I am hoping to sport one today to give you a full review on them. I think I will love them just as much as I love my hair ties! They seem they are just as gentle on the hair, yet remain in place. We have them in the wide style and a smaller band width (which are adorable doubled up by colors or print and a color!) 'A' was being such a good sport yesterday when we stopped by and (Aunt) Betsy tried one out on his little noggin'... If only he were a little girl ;) Poor boy... always gets a tease and gives us quite the laugh!

Just in yesterday were more of our newest handbag line we are in LOVE with! Shiraleah! A bag or two is back in stock, some in new colors, and some fab new styles!!! I adore mine and started using it immediately! I headed out for a spray tan (which has turned out wonderful from Tina at VIBE Salon in Lewistown **had to give a little shout out**) yesterday with a bikini stashed inside it... The bag fits so much, yet isn't TOO big and my items don't feel 'lost' .. I will share a photo of mine and Paula's new adorable striped tote and her matching wristlet! Forgive the quality, I am taking the photos from my Instagram account.. but you will get the idea ;)

Gosh, I am trying to think of some other things to cover quickly and my mind is going blank... I'm fighting allergies or a cold and it had me tossing and turning all night and looking at the clock at 4a.m. !!!

My best advice, stop in and check everything out! We have great Easter Basket fillers articularly for the ladies!) Charms, Jewel Pops, other jewelry, drink mixes (Hot and Cold), EmiJay hairties and headbands *perfect for in the basket*....

New items and of course things are always changing... :)

Hope to see you soon! Happy Thursday, friends! Ox

Monday, March 25, 2013

A Picnic State of Mind

I've got picnics and barbecues on my mind!!!!!!!! Especially after last evenings meal with dear friends.... The smell of the grill when we pulled in the driveway sent me into Spring/Summer mode REGARDLESS of what the forecast was predicting last night :) And our menu didn't help either; delicious burgers, macaroni salad, pickled eggs and beets,... For dessert, Root-beer Floats and homemade Raspberry Crumb pie!!!!! Yummmmmm-O!

We've got great picnic and barbecue items! Cute, colorful thermals to tote your dishes...They'd make a perfect addition for your Easter gatherings, too :) a fun collection of bowls, measuring cups, 'chiller cubes', trivets, mixing/serving spoons, beverage carriers and coolers... The list goes on and on...

Lets not forget the variety and dip and drink mixes! They are sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Stop in and check out all we have!!!! And don't forget about our Easter Egg hunt that starts THIS Thursday, March 28...

Friday, March 22, 2013

Cheep.. Cheep...Hop... Hop

I can't get over these cute little peeps for Easter!!! Which, is just a little over a week away now!!!! Are you ready??? Baskets ready to be filled? Eggs ready to be hidden?? I won't try to fool anyone... I have shopping to do yet :) Can't wait for Aftan to color some Easter eggs this year! Coloring Easter eggs is something I think I will always enjoy; no matter how old or young ;)

You may have seen some of these photos before (from our Spring open house)... But I thought with Easter fast approaching I would remind you all again of the cuties we have available if you have Easter decorating and preparations yet!!
(Loving the Windmills, too.... Cute for a basket goodie)

Have a great weekend!!!! Stop in and see us...
Don't forget about our Egg Hunt going on next week!!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

An Easter Egg Hunt For Our Customers!!

It's amazing to us the people that come to the shop and miss the 'downstairs' portion of our shop.... Yes, we do have a downstairs... It's FULL of goodies! Our SALE area, blankets/bedding items, lamps, shades, prints, pictures, rugs, tee shirts.. Even our little 'yard sale' corner :) which there is always a treasure to be found!!! So, we thought, in the event of Easter being next weekend, we thought we would do an Easter egg hunt on our lower level! There will be Easter Eggs hidden starting March 28 and lasting through the 30th. Each egg will have a special discount or a special prize inside. It is one egg per customer! (No getting your baskets as full as you can ;)

I will talk about our lamps and shades first that are in our lower level... I was rearranging things in my home, like I always do every time a new season is upon us... And I decided to switch out some shades and lamps and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I wish I had it in my budget to get some new lamps for more rooms in my home... Because I have my eye on a few downstairs at the shop! We have such a variety and selection of lamps and shades... and sadly, if you missed the 'downstairs'.. you are missing out on these beauties! I have too many favorites to cover :)

We have fun tee shirts in soft cottons and springy colors! For men and women alike!!

Jazz up your couch or a chair in your home with a fresh colored quilt and pillow... Great patterns and colors!

We hope you are having a wonderful week!!

P.s be sure to mark the Easter Egg Hunt taking place at Two Sisters starting March 28! ;)

A Favorite Tee

I am not a total tee shirt type of girl, however, when I find a tee that's comfortable and cute... I wear it till there may be a hole in it ... We got some great tees in fun colors and soft cottons...

Now, if Old Man Winter would just leave us alone so we could all dig out our favorite tee's and WEAR them! :)

Reminder, this month we will be having a Chamilia Special!!! Keep checking back. And special Easter sale going on at the shop... 50% off items!!!!! See the shop :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Longing to see green... after St. Patrick's Day!

As I sit here and think about which photos to choose and what to blog about today, I am watching the snow move down the mountain and the outline of the mountain is harder and harder to see. I am so over the snow and slop and cold and windy days... I am sure I am not the only one that feels that way! So, it thought I would share with you some photos of things 'green'.... Even if they are artificial ;) ... It's enough to perk up my mood a little on this dreary March day! Of course every year I think we have wonderful, beautiful items,... But this year seems different than the rest.... We REALLY have fantastic items! I'm really in love with almost everything this year :)

Friday, March 15, 2013


...In the last several years (since I was a Senior in high school to be exact) March has managed to bring painful moments in my life. From losing friends in car accidents, comforting friends who have lost loved ones, to losing loved ones to cancer...Its officially a month that I would prefer to sleep through....This week alone has brought me to tears on several occasions.

I've followed and read the Kelley's blog.... there are no words for what they are experiencing. Being a mother myself, my heart literally aches for them.... and just this morning I learned that the man who lost his life in the car accident in Oakland Mills, was the father of an old high school friend.....and also the Amish families and friends that lost a mother, a wife, a daughter, a granddaughter, a sibling... and let's not forget the man who was driving the truck and his family...

I've learned that: you should always count your blessings, tell those you love, that you love them; and do it every day, a tomorrow is never promised!!! .... Trust the Lord with all your heart... with all your mind... and all your soul.... His plans are bigger and better than we could ever imagine... Lean hard into Him in all the moments of doubt... and moments of sadness....and moments of weakness....

For those of you from the area, they are asking anyone that feels moved to participate in a pink balloon releasing at Cedar Grove church parking lot at 6:30p.m. I, myself, have never met sweet, Hannah, however, after reading their blog and seeing all her photos ... I sure feel like I know her! Those of you that cannot attend and wish to release a balloon, I am sure that the families would appreciate it... They are sharing photos of all these events on a Facebook page for the families to see..

All of us girls' from the shop will continue to pray and lift up all those effected by these tragic events that have occurred this week... over the next few days, the weeks, and even months to come in these families and friends lives... all our love and blessings. oxo

Monday, March 11, 2013

Baby, Baby, Oh, Baby!

After spending a weekend with a dear friend from college who is an expecting-first-time mom, I have a little bit of baby on the brain ;) My son will be 2 the end of May and it seems like just yesterday I was going through all of the excitement she is now! So, I thought my post today would include the incredible baby things we have at the shop.... Our little baby 'boutique' area is growing and I just can't get enough of the cuteness! 

From soft plush blankets to bibs and onesies, we also have adorable picture frames and piggy banks.... Plush items and little 'nap time' sleeping bags that are complete with an attached soft blanky. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Crank up the heat....

Days like this seem to put us in the kitchen...(give me an adorable apron like above and I might cook all day, every day ;) ... cold, dreary, suppose-to-be-snow-but its not, kind of days.
Start chopping, dicing, slicing, peeling, kneading, and rolling... The smell of Apple Chicken Stew has filled the house... can't wait for it to fill my tummy!!! 

A 'kitchen-esque' theme seemed appropriate for today! We have soooooo many fabulous kitchen items... from bakeware and cookie/baking sheets... to towels and wash cloths, aprons and dip and drink mixes.. (some of our soup mixes are my absolute favorites if you are going the semi-homemade route)

A shot of our dip mixes, soup mixes, and drink mixes (hot and cold)

 awesome cookware! If you don't have any 'stoneware' you need to invest in a piece! They are great... Love my bar pan and pizza stones!

 For deep dishes
 Grrrrreat cookbooks!!!! Probably my all time favorites are Gooseberry...

 I LOVE the chalkboards! (they come in a Rooster shape and a Pig... I am really wanting the rooster for my kitchen...)
 another shot of the pig.. and adorable pillows (they are reversible, pig on one side, cow on the other)
So come get some supplies or bakeware and get in the kitchen :) 

Hope to see you soon!!


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