Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Yard Sale & Cupcakes for Cancer

It's time for our Spring Yard Sale! 
on Saturday, May 5, 2012.  

We will be setting up and ready to go at daylight, 7 a.m. … and packing things up at 1 p.m. ..
As always, a variety of things for sale…. a LARGE selection of fashionable quality clothing and accessories…purses, shoes, jewelry; home and seasonal decor..including a small refrigerator, small TV, cotton braided rugs (1-5x8, 2-3x5), kitchen items, primitive home decor including crocks, redware, iron items, wooden accessory pieces… You never know what you may find! Also, the sale area is a BIG 60% off original proce..
..(CASH OR CHECK only for these sales)..

Also, bring along some extra cash to buy some Cupcakes for Cancer! OR even if you aren't into yard sales, stop by for some cupcakes! Peanut Butter Cup, Cream Cheese Filled, Pina Colada, ShooFly, and Sugar Cookie, ..just to name a few… 
Proceeds will go to Relay for Life… 
Looking forward to seeing you!

She Sells Seashells, By the Seashore...

 Great pieces with versatility …. Whether you are lucky enough to have a vacation home or want to coordinate some pieces in your home somewhere! we have some fun, fresh, 'beachy' things to decorate with!
 Napkin rings...
 I love the looks of seashells in a glass jar...

 Votive Holder inside.
 And some cozy new throws and pillows to add!

 3 styles and various colors….


All You Need is LOVE <3 

' Phosphor. Time Reinvented. '

 We just love these watches! {I know, I know… 'we love' everything!} This company reflects in their watches the way technology has just 'boomed' in our lives and even 'enhanced' our lives on a daily basis…. These watch have the 'latest cutting edge technologies'… they have taken traditional fashion timepieces and redesigned it for the new generation!
 The pink and red watches then have color coordinating numbers! The watches are 'driven by proprietary Micro-Magnetic Mechanical Digital (M3D) technology. Appear watches utilize miniature-sized rotors adorned with Swarovski crystals that revolve to reveal numerical or chronological information." …. So, every time the time changes (each passing minute), an electrical pulse generates an electromagnetic field that changes the position of the crystals on the face of the watch, producing a very, fun, unique sound!!!!!! I told you it was 'technological'!!!
 White Leather Gloss band… 
Red Leather Gloss band…with red numbers..
What a great gift for graduation, birthday, etc…. We are going to be ordering a few mens watches to have in the shop! They are awesome as well… Thinking Father's Day for my husband…Shhhhh : )

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Embellish Your Story...

Embellish Your Story by Roeda, takes the idea of scrapbooking and personlization to a whole new level and gives it a new meaning : ) What a way to share your joys of family and friends and your milestones throughout your home, office, dormroom, or apartment… what ever space you would like to use!
Use your creativeness and mix and match formats with the magnetic personal embellishments to change your story, enhance your memories, or celebrate whatever season it is you are celebrating!
…a display at the shop...
I love using mine on my 'fridge' at home! I put things up according to season and have some 'permanently' (that I let up all the time)..Farm animals, YOU&ME (with a wedding picture), etc. … I will have to take a photo of my fridge some time and post it : ) … I wish I would have had something like this when I was in college!!! Makes your space very personal and adds a touch of 'home sweet home'…..

Monday, April 9, 2012

Just in time for Prom..& Other Events!

How great are these bags???? They would be so great for girls going to prom... or if you are going to a wedding or cocktail party and need a nice little 'evening' bag! I just love these! OR are you a bride looking for a gift for your bridesmaids? How fun would they be as gifts and then the girls could use them in your wedding? ... Fill the bag up with little goodies that could be used through out the day of the wedding…

ALL kinds of space inside…for your phone, camera, etc..and an inside pocket as well!

Lime, Gray, and Black!

These can be carried over the shoulder, across your body, OR as a wristlet! OH, the versatility!!
This particular bag comes in pink, purple, and black! Has straps to also be a shoulder or crossbody bag!
Smaller versions!

These little quilted, super soft, 'faux' leather handbags! The chain straps with the 'leather' going through them adds a nice detail!
Sooooooo, get into the shop & check them out!!! … Prom is just about a week away, girls!!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

NEW for Baggallini..

Who better to create a functional, stylish bag than a WOMAN? Some flight attendants at that… Everything in this bag will have a place and space! If you are someone who likes a 'orderly' and organized bag… these are for you! I must admit, I was not too impressed with them at first, they just were not my taste…however, I am in love with the new styles and colors!!!
in LOVE with this.. and it is retiring! : (… we have one at the shop..the Large Monaco

Lady Bug / Tangerine
Hobo Tote in Paisley Mushroom / Ecru
LOTS of space and pockets for .everything.
Raspberry / Leaf Green

These are ideal for all occasions.. including traveling! I might even say they are FAB for traveling… You can keep everything in place and organized while you are busy sightseeing, walking, hiking, whatever it is you may be doing… and you can do it in style : )

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