Meet the Girls

Betsy Ann Fairman
Betsy was born August 1st and lives in Mifflintown with her partner, Steve Hohol and Harry, her soft coated wheaton terrier.  She has one daughter, Anna Long.  She likes to go on adventures, being the tourist, learning new things and seeing new things.  If time afforded her she would love to travel more.  Her favorite travels have been with her sisters and mother to Florida and traveling to LasVegas with her friends.  Traveling west with Steve and Anna is a trip she would love to repeat.
Betsy and her sister, Paula Frymoyer, began their business at the former Juniata Juction in the mid 90's and then moved to the current location in 2000.  In 2013 Betsy became sole owner of Two Sisters.  She anticipates what the future holds and looks forward to continuing to bring great things for you to enjoy.
Warm weather, Spring and Summer, green trees and grass, spending time outside, working out and being at home are the ways Betsy finds to relax.  She enjoys making her home her haven with a "pottery barn" style.  Her neutral background allows her to add things she loves which gives her a very personal look...a mix of old and new, a splash of color here and there, still keeping things soft and not harsh.  Hydrangeas, topiaries, wood tones, white woodwork, neutral walls, punches of black but not too much, vintage accessories, antiques, wood floors, high ceilings and lots of windows. What she doesn't like is must have staying power...classic.
Welcome to Betsy's home!!!
Wreath and door mat are from Two Sisters.
Betsy's favorite spot is relaxing with Steve and Harry, her soft coated wheaten terrier,
 on her covered back porch.  The rug Betsy got from
Two Sisters is a must because it holds up in any weather.
The furniture and florals are all from Two Sisters.

Most of what you see in Betsy's living room is from Two Sisters.
She especially likes the mantel display.

A comfy retreat is found here...the bedding is from Two Sisters;
as is the framed butterfly art.  The white linen cupboard is
also from Two Sisters.

Another view showing the openness of Betsy's home.
Betsy's predominantly white and black kitchen, dining area and
living room are an L shape giving her home an open feel. 

Betsy's patio.
Susan Jane Hackenberger

Sue was born February 20th and lives in Pfoutz Valley with her husband Ken and her cats, Rocket and Lucy.  She has two sons, Keith and Kore.  Kore is married to Maggie and they have a son, Nevin.  Sue has been at Two Sisters since the beginning and wears many hats...among which is office manager. Keith currently lives in Los Angeles, California. 
Her home has a colonial, lodgey feel...with wood floors, a sun room with cathedral ceilings and lots of windows.  Her husband, Ken, built their home where once stood and old home from Sue's family's farm. The original fireplace still stands.  Most of the downstairs has wood plank walls with antiques and Sue's personal hand painted art. 
Gardening, photography and spending time with her new grandson, Nevin and her family are favorite ways for her to spend her time. She grows much of their produce, including raised bed gardens while raising chickens for eggs.  Her favorite time of year is Fall because of the cool weather and fall colors.  She enjoys traveling with friends and especially loves Elk County where she enjoys watching the elk and seeing the beautiful scenery by way of ATVs.  She enjoys traveling to visit family in Maine where there is so much variety; the coast,  the mountains, relaxing, the weather and wildlife just to name a few.  The Canadian Rockies...well in her words "simply because of their beauty". 

Welcome to Sue's front porch.  A place she finds most relaxing
in her Two Sister rocking chairs.  This is a place where
she is able to be a part of nature as much wildlife comes and goes
in the woods behind her house.

Sue has a colonial look with a twist of vintage.  The canvas above the
bed is from Two Sisters as well as the bedding.
Most of the furniture is also from Two Sisters.

Colonial comfy...what isn't from Two Sisters!!!

This is just a small part of Sue's back patio...and a great display
of outside décor from Two Sisters.
Sue's bathroom.
Brenda Diann Wagner
Brenda was born March 31st and lives in rural Thompsontown with her husband Dwayne. She has two daughters, Tiffany  and Kayla, and husband Cory, and two granddaughters, Adrianna and Brooke and a grandson, Casey.
She enjoys a day when there is absolutely nothing planned!!!  A snowy day when she can just stay home with a cup of coffee and a colonial magazine in hand.  Fall is a favorite for the crisp mornings and warm afternoons, and pumpkins...often her pumpkins will be on display before September!!!
She enjoys traveling with her husband for their anniversary...they enjoyed Monticello and are looking forward to Savannah and Charleston.
Her home is warm and cozy...a step back into the colonial era.  Chinking on some of her walls, wood floors and ceilings, colonial furnishings, simple décor fitting for the time period, soft lighting all come together to make one want to sit down and reminisce of years gone by.
Take a stroll up the brick sidewalk to Brenda's front door.
Imagine yourself having Thanksgiving Dinner here
 just like it was back in the early days.
The chandelier is from Two Sisters.
A colonial kitchen...perfect for baking Christmas cookies.
The Luminara candle is from Two sisters.
 A screened in porch...
her husband Dwayne is often found here relaxing!!!

Tea and biscuits anyone!  This is Brenda's favorite room...cozy is
how she would describe it. 
She loves to read and have coffee here in the morning.
The rug is from Two Sisters.

What a welcome feeling in Brenda's entrance hall...
 and a Two Sisters luminara candle!!!
The entry table is from Two Sisters as well.

Jeannie Leach

Jeannie was born July 26 and lives in Mifflintown with her husband Steve, and their two miniature dachshunds, Tucker and Chance.  They have two grown daughters, Cierra and Mackenzie who live at home as well.
She enjoys gardening, camping, Bible study, a warm cup of coffee with a magazine, staying in pj's all day during the cold months and bare feet in the summer months.  Cape May, Charleston, the Outer Banks and Savannah along with State Park camping have been some of her favorite travels.  She looks forward to going to coastal Maine in their camper. 
Though her favorite time of the year is late Spring early summer when the temps are mild and all is green and in bloom, the smell of lilacs and Adirondack chairs, she finds something to enjoy in all seasons...fall the quieting down of summer and jacket appropriate afternoon walks, winter the solace of fresh fallen snow yet to be trampled on and hot chocolate, wood fire and boots!!!
Jeannie's home is an early 1900 year old home from the mission/arts & craft style.  Her style of  decorating is a comfortable vintage/cottage feel with a bit of coastal here and there.  Light airy colors with white woodwork set the backdrop for a hodge podge of favorite things...from antique to reproductions, to vintage to retro.  This type of style allows her to add her favorite finds without thinking too much about how it will go with her décor.  She is a trash to treasure decorator who loves to take the discarded and bring new life to it...she is a thrift store junkie :)
Welcome to Jeannie's home!!!
The basket with florals is from Two Sisters
as is the yard flag.
The kitchen is the hub of Jeannie's home.
Coffee is a must...hence one of Jeannie's favorites
her mug rack from Two holds 24 mugs.
The floral canvas art is also from Two Sisters.

The luminara candle and bird lamp are from Two Sisters.
As are the finials by the desk...which seems to
go from inside to outside and back again.
Don't you love multi tasking décor!!!
Love Luminara candles from Two Sisters!!!

One might say "oh my what great relaxing bubble baths"
but Jeannie would say "yep, for my two mini dachshunds" :) 

Another angle of the bathroom to show some
great things from Two Sisters...finials, butterfly print, florals, tart warmer
and floral vase.

The favorite place for relaxing...quiet with warm breezes through the curtains,
slow hum of the ceiling fan and a book on the sofa...peace.




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